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Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Design Interior Tips

Design Interior TipsThere are many things you can talk about interior design tips. But here we will talk about arranging the room. About how the wall color corresponding to the color of furniture that will be placed there.

First, you must know how to adjust the color. In this case you can find information on interior magazine. The color of the walls, floors and furnishings must be harmonious. At least when viewed looks beautiful.

Second, the furniture must be put right. Between furniture from one another not cover each other. All furniture can be seen and neat.

Lastly, put a wall decoration also be appropriate. Not too down or up, and not skewed. In order for the beauty of your wall hangings can be enjoyed. That is a little interior design tips that I give.

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Unknown mengatakan...

Good post! Thanks for sharing this information I appreciate it. God bless!

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